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A Windows desktop (1024x768 pixels), two aviation animations and several screensavers with selections of my Aviation Photos as well as some of my software programs created using Win32Asm are available here as free downloads. The material available here is guaranteed free of spyware, ad-ware or any other hidden contamination.

Aviation Screensavers
Misc. Downloads
Download these aviation animations
Download these aviation animations

Runway and Landing Aircraft

Download size: 20 KB

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Download this Screensaver

Photos of the Douglas DC-2 PH-AJU, departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for the
1984 Uiver Memorial Flight London-Melbourne.
(1920x1080 pixels)

Download size: 3.1 MB

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Honduran Aeroplanes

Windows screensaver with a photo selection of Honduran aircraft (1920x1080 pixels).

Download size: 3.6 MB

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HR-SHE Desktop

Windows desktop (1920x1080 pixels) with SAHSA Boeing 727-81 (HR-SHE) about to touch down on runway 01 of Toncontin, the international airport of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Download size: 462 KB

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Download the source files

The Javascript functions used on my homepage to display popup images as a layer.

Download size: 87 KB

The source files with these functions are available for download in compressed format. Unzip the files in one directory and click demo.html to explore the demo. I greatly appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you may have about this script.


Writing software is one of my other time consuming activities apart from ham radio. My programming career started in the early 80's with BASIC and via high level languages such as Pascalc en C and with certain degree of fanaticism in whatever I'm doing, I finally ended up creating DOS software in assembly. To move with times I started writing Windows software using the assembly language in 2004. Below a few samples of software created while learning to master Win32 assembly. Please note that this software was created for Windows XP and later and won't work with earlier versions of Windows.

Visit my Programming page for a description of the following software.

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Download WWLoc WWLoc version 1.00

WWLoc is a utility for amateur radio operators to convert the classical latitude/longitude coordinates to the Maidenhead locator system and vice versa. Created using assembly, it's a very tiny program of only 9.5 KB.

System requirements : Windows XP/7/8/10

View screen shot

Download size: 9.5 KB

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Download SunClock Version 2.10 SunClock Version 2.10

SunClock is a simple Windows (XP/7/8/10) program showing local time for a maximum of 500 cities stored in a customizeable database. SunClock also displays sunrise, transit and sunset times, sun elevation and azimuth angles as well as civil, nautical and astronomical twilight for the selected city in real time using system time and date or for any other selected date.

View screen shot

Download size: 306 KB

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HamLoc Version 4.00 Hamloc version 4.00

HamLoc Version 4.00 is basically a database for radio amateurs to to keep track of worked and confirmed WW (Maidenhead) Locator squares for 12 different frequency bands. It displays among others worked and confirmed locator squares and great circle paths on a world map. Locator squares can be entered manually and/or imported from ADIF log files.

View screen shot

Download size: 328 KB

Note : This application requires a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels, it will not run if the screen resolution is less than that.

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HamBeacon Version 3.00 HamBeacon version 3.00

As a derivative of HamLoc, HamBeacon Version 3.00 is a Ham Radio Beacon Data Base capable of storing the parameters of 5000 radio beacons in 15 different amateur radio frequency bands. It displays beacon locations and great circle paths on a world map as wel as the parameters of a selected beacon in the status bar. This version also includes a visual NCDXF beacon tracker.

View screen shot

Download size: 344 KB

Note : This application requires a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels, it will not run if the screen resolution is less than that.

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Download Intermod Version 4.00 InterMod version 4.00

InterMod Version 4.00 can analyse a combination of up to 15 transmitting and receiving frequencies at a shared communications site to identify frequency combinations having the potential to cause harmfull intermodulation interference.

View screen shot

Download size: 294 KB

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This material is freeware

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